Friday, 20 July 2012

Return to the Vampire Coast

Totally forgot to post about this, and Im about to leave in 30 mins!

So heres a quote from the website, Ill post details later and as always there is my twitter feed to the right.

Our Campaign Weekends offer something truly different to other gaming experiences. Join one of several factions vying for control of the Vampire Coast, a blood soaked region rich in the supernatural and the magical.

Like all T
empus Fugitive narrative campaign weekends, the Vampire Coast presents hobbyists with an opportunity to play in a different style than they may be used to. Narrative campaigns are about trying out new ideas and contributing to an adventure. In fact the story is almost as important as the actual games themselves and players should be prepared to get into the mindset of the army they have brought to battle with. If you and your opponent have a great game, the actual outcome of the battle becomes far less important. In essence, you are playing with your opponent – not against them.

While at the fantastic Maelstrom Games in Mansfield near Nottingham you'll play five games of varying points levels, including doubles games, as well as Saturday night entertainment. Your ticket also covers lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and an evening meal on Saturday. There will also be the opportunity to register early and take part in social gaming on Friday evening.

If you like new army lists, narrative storylines, projected maps, secret strategies and more, the Vampire Coast Narrative Campaign Weekend is the event for you! Carve out your destiny, and be part of the rich story. So climb aboard the ship to adventure! Choose your loyalty and fight for your faction -  The Vampire Coast Awaits!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

New Eldar Rumours

There is a reason this blog is called 'A whole lotta Crudd' and not ' Nothing but Crudd'  or something similar. That reason? I play other armies too... Now while this blog will mostly be divoted to those 4 Cruddace books. You will occasionally see me post about my other armies or other games that I play.

The other GW armies I play are

High Elves
Daemons - Both systems. (why wouldnt you?)
I also have a Black Templar force but that hardly see's day light.
I also Have a Cryx and Skorne Warmahordes Factions and a Guild Malifaux crew.

Anyhow lets get back on topic. New Eldar minis have been sighted!

plastic Warpspiders/Everguard
plastic Skycharriots/Shining Spears
plastic Phantomwaechter - these might be the shadow spectres?
plastic Jetbikes
plastic Wraithguard/Cataphracts
plastic flyer combi-kit - The flyer is pretty large and has a crossbow shape, two canopies, one fin. The main variant on the cover has some lances and a large dorsal distort cannon. The other variant has extra downward/sideway thrusters, but I don’t remember if it has a different weapon loadout.
plastic phoenix lord niadhau - For Shining Spears, appears to be on a Vyper jetbike.
plastic webway gate
resin box Avatar
resin Black Warden - The Black Warden looks like an female Autarch. She has a shurikencatapult and a feathered guardian helm with an eye on it.
resin Dire Avenger Xentarch - Appears to be a new English name for Exarch?
resin Howling Banshee Xentarch
resin Fire Dragon Xentarch
resin Striking Scorpion Xentarch
resin box Dragon Riders
resin box Eldritch Raiders - They look like guardians but have no helms and wear scarfs around the lower head and swashbuckle belts. They are very individually equipped, have all sorts blades, pistols and/or rifles. (potentially Storm Guardians?)
resin box Halcones Cazadores

resin Warlock

Some strange names there. Possibly A translation issue? Who knows. Also no mention of a book, which is strange.

Fingers crossed eh  :)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

LNO Warhammer Tourny

So today is the bi-anual Leeds Night Owls Warhammer tournament. Kindly organised by James (Xisor). A 2000 point game with no special characters. Best of 3 games, the winner becomes the club champ and tries to defend his title at the next one in 6 months.

Looks simple enough, but I've never actually won it. Although I always finish close. Last time I came 2nd because my Tomb Kings went up against the old Empire Coven of Light in a tower in the final. The one before I was 3rd even though I had won all my games. VPs did me in.

So this time, the gloves are off. Im taking my Empire knight bus, which as of yet is undefeated. I fully expect that to change today. But it will be a good test for the list. You can follow whats happening in my twitter feed to the right, and I'll try post some photos and the list I'm using later on.

Wish me luck ;)

Monday, 9 July 2012

2000 pts Empire Vs Orks n Goblins.

So I did a bad thing last night.... I went to a different club!!! Me and a buddy decided to up sticks and go play at the Wakefield Warriors club in, funnily enough, Wakefield. Now before I go on I'll just say I loved the venue to be honest. Ample free parking, a bar (!!) and loads of space and a very friendly atmosphere. I will attend more often, but not as often as I would like. Even thought its only a 20min drive away, its a tenner in petrol for the round trip.

So the game. I played my usual opponent James (Xisor). As a practise for a mini club tourny this weekend, the gloves where off.

My list (not telling you everything as that evewnts this weekend, I want no spys)

3 charaters
1 lvl 4 life wizard
16 Inner circle Knights
2 Steamtanks
4 Demigryphs

His was something like

5 Characters
2 Wizards
4 wolf chariots
1 massive spider
Bolt thrower
40 savage orcs
40ish gobbin bus
20ish goblin bunker

We rolled Meeting Engagement

Everything of mine showed up except the Knights
Everything of James's showed up except the 5 characters.

My characters formed a mini unit till the Knights caught up. Used the building to protect them from war machines.

So the game. In a nutshell. I had a faulty steam tank. It misfired every turn. Its been sent back to the workshop for an MOT and service.

My Knights walked on turn one, and promptly got joined by the characters. We both spent that turn just manoeuvring.

Turn 2 the Savage Orcs failed a frenzy check and decided to charge a steam tank in the flank. The goblin bunker failed animosity and also tried to charge the same tank. They however failed and received a fanatic to the face for there efforts.

Whats that in the bottom right?

The Savage Orcs fluffed hurting the tank and in my turn recieved a flank charge from the Demigryphs. Same turn my Knight bus charged his bunker, which fled, then the big Spider and the remaining tank charged a chariot. End of the combat phase evey one of his units charged that turn where dead. He was left with the 2 goblin units and a warmachine. We called it, bottom of turn 3 and grabbed another game.

Game 2 was Blood n Glory. One of the best games Ive had in ages, Was a right laugh.

Game #2

Thats deployment, the 2 tanks cover each flank.

To be blunt, I charged turn 2. Destroyed his savage orc block. The spider died turn 3. The Goblin bus flanked my knights, but failed to hurt them much, then recived a tank to the rear.  At the bottom of 4 his characters all bailed from the bunker and we spent the last 2 turns playing ring a ring a rosie round my knight bus. I got em turn 6 though!

Another victory. Chalk 2 for the Knight bus

Sunday, 8 July 2012

First 6th Ed game with 'Nids

So I took the plunge today. Dusted off the Tyranids and played a game of 6th. Now as I am a total muppet, I forgot to take photos or notes of the game I played. So heres a brief run down of my list, and a few note of the battle

A photo of a different nid game, as I forgot to take any.....

So I was up against Dan (Corai) and his not quite as filthy as they should be Grey Knights. I took

Hive Tyrant - Bonesword, Lashwhip, Heavy Venom Cannon
2 x 2 Hive Guard
2 x 12 Termigants
2 x 2 Tervigons - Adrenials and Toxins
Old One eye

He had (off the top of my head)
5 Paladins
1 Techmarine
10 Termies
10 Marines
Other stuff.....

 As I've said, I didnt take any notes. So I'll go through some general tactics and ideas.

The List
Hive Tyrant
Boneswords are awesome Vs this many 2+ AS models. Unfortunatly I never got to swing it. Challenges really hurt this guy, making his damage potential a fraction of what it should be. That and forceweapons suck ;)

Hive Guard
Spent the whole game shooting the Paladin squad who happed to alsp have FNP. While the Str 8 gun didnt remove the 2+ AS, those that did fail where instant death and negated FNP aswell. Between em these guys killed well over 400 points. Worth it!

Flying MC's are a tricky one. I took him mostly as I wanted to try one out. Still on the fence about him too... the falling to ground thing everytime your hit is a bit OTT.

A great addition now as everything is a 5+ cover save pretty much.  The grenades are great too making shooting from 8inches away a 4+ Coversave!

Old One Eye
Needed to make the points up and he was to hand. On papers 6 str 10 AP2 melee attacks is brutal, in reality he just gets focus fired to death.... On the fence still

The Game
We played whatever battle for the pass is called in 40K and each had an objective. Dan made a mistake 23nd turn when he jumped an squad into the middle of my army trying to get first blood, he failed by 1 model. Thus I promtly dismembered it next turn giving me the first blood VP. I spent the next 3 turns running at him till I failed a charge on turn 5, he counter charged, Force weaponed my warlord, the Hive tyrant giving him another VP. He then spend the next 2 turns clearing up the models in his deployment zone. The game ended a draw.

I promise next time it will be far more interesting to read. I'll have notes n pictures n everything ;)

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Welcome to A whole lotta Crudd. No not a blog about crap.... well that depends on your point of view I suppose. But a blog about our man, Robin Cruddace.

What a guy!
So who is Crudd? Hes an author for Games workshop and the man who wrote the army books and codex for my armies. Tomb Kings, The Empire,  Tyranids  and Imperial Guard. Thus this blog...

What youll see over the upcomming months, and hopefully years are battle reports, lists, painting guides ect for all 4 of the above armies. You'll also see appearances from my other armies too no doubt, but to a lesser extent. And who knows, sometime in the future we shall have another Crudd book to add to my collection!

I hope you guys enjoy whats posted, and please feal free to comment.