Friday, 20 July 2012

Return to the Vampire Coast

Totally forgot to post about this, and Im about to leave in 30 mins!

So heres a quote from the website, Ill post details later and as always there is my twitter feed to the right.

Our Campaign Weekends offer something truly different to other gaming experiences. Join one of several factions vying for control of the Vampire Coast, a blood soaked region rich in the supernatural and the magical.

Like all T
empus Fugitive narrative campaign weekends, the Vampire Coast presents hobbyists with an opportunity to play in a different style than they may be used to. Narrative campaigns are about trying out new ideas and contributing to an adventure. In fact the story is almost as important as the actual games themselves and players should be prepared to get into the mindset of the army they have brought to battle with. If you and your opponent have a great game, the actual outcome of the battle becomes far less important. In essence, you are playing with your opponent – not against them.

While at the fantastic Maelstrom Games in Mansfield near Nottingham you'll play five games of varying points levels, including doubles games, as well as Saturday night entertainment. Your ticket also covers lunch on Saturday and Sunday, and an evening meal on Saturday. There will also be the opportunity to register early and take part in social gaming on Friday evening.

If you like new army lists, narrative storylines, projected maps, secret strategies and more, the Vampire Coast Narrative Campaign Weekend is the event for you! Carve out your destiny, and be part of the rich story. So climb aboard the ship to adventure! Choose your loyalty and fight for your faction -  The Vampire Coast Awaits!

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