Sunday, 8 July 2012

First 6th Ed game with 'Nids

So I took the plunge today. Dusted off the Tyranids and played a game of 6th. Now as I am a total muppet, I forgot to take photos or notes of the game I played. So heres a brief run down of my list, and a few note of the battle

A photo of a different nid game, as I forgot to take any.....

So I was up against Dan (Corai) and his not quite as filthy as they should be Grey Knights. I took

Hive Tyrant - Bonesword, Lashwhip, Heavy Venom Cannon
2 x 2 Hive Guard
2 x 12 Termigants
2 x 2 Tervigons - Adrenials and Toxins
Old One eye

He had (off the top of my head)
5 Paladins
1 Techmarine
10 Termies
10 Marines
Other stuff.....

 As I've said, I didnt take any notes. So I'll go through some general tactics and ideas.

The List
Hive Tyrant
Boneswords are awesome Vs this many 2+ AS models. Unfortunatly I never got to swing it. Challenges really hurt this guy, making his damage potential a fraction of what it should be. That and forceweapons suck ;)

Hive Guard
Spent the whole game shooting the Paladin squad who happed to alsp have FNP. While the Str 8 gun didnt remove the 2+ AS, those that did fail where instant death and negated FNP aswell. Between em these guys killed well over 400 points. Worth it!

Flying MC's are a tricky one. I took him mostly as I wanted to try one out. Still on the fence about him too... the falling to ground thing everytime your hit is a bit OTT.

A great addition now as everything is a 5+ cover save pretty much.  The grenades are great too making shooting from 8inches away a 4+ Coversave!

Old One Eye
Needed to make the points up and he was to hand. On papers 6 str 10 AP2 melee attacks is brutal, in reality he just gets focus fired to death.... On the fence still

The Game
We played whatever battle for the pass is called in 40K and each had an objective. Dan made a mistake 23nd turn when he jumped an squad into the middle of my army trying to get first blood, he failed by 1 model. Thus I promtly dismembered it next turn giving me the first blood VP. I spent the next 3 turns running at him till I failed a charge on turn 5, he counter charged, Force weaponed my warlord, the Hive tyrant giving him another VP. He then spend the next 2 turns clearing up the models in his deployment zone. The game ended a draw.

I promise next time it will be far more interesting to read. I'll have notes n pictures n everything ;)

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