Saturday, 7 July 2012

Welcome to A whole lotta Crudd. No not a blog about crap.... well that depends on your point of view I suppose. But a blog about our man, Robin Cruddace.

What a guy!
So who is Crudd? Hes an author for Games workshop and the man who wrote the army books and codex for my armies. Tomb Kings, The Empire,  Tyranids  and Imperial Guard. Thus this blog...

What youll see over the upcomming months, and hopefully years are battle reports, lists, painting guides ect for all 4 of the above armies. You'll also see appearances from my other armies too no doubt, but to a lesser extent. And who knows, sometime in the future we shall have another Crudd book to add to my collection!

I hope you guys enjoy whats posted, and please feal free to comment.

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