Monday, 9 July 2012

2000 pts Empire Vs Orks n Goblins.

So I did a bad thing last night.... I went to a different club!!! Me and a buddy decided to up sticks and go play at the Wakefield Warriors club in, funnily enough, Wakefield. Now before I go on I'll just say I loved the venue to be honest. Ample free parking, a bar (!!) and loads of space and a very friendly atmosphere. I will attend more often, but not as often as I would like. Even thought its only a 20min drive away, its a tenner in petrol for the round trip.

So the game. I played my usual opponent James (Xisor). As a practise for a mini club tourny this weekend, the gloves where off.

My list (not telling you everything as that evewnts this weekend, I want no spys)

3 charaters
1 lvl 4 life wizard
16 Inner circle Knights
2 Steamtanks
4 Demigryphs

His was something like

5 Characters
2 Wizards
4 wolf chariots
1 massive spider
Bolt thrower
40 savage orcs
40ish gobbin bus
20ish goblin bunker

We rolled Meeting Engagement

Everything of mine showed up except the Knights
Everything of James's showed up except the 5 characters.

My characters formed a mini unit till the Knights caught up. Used the building to protect them from war machines.

So the game. In a nutshell. I had a faulty steam tank. It misfired every turn. Its been sent back to the workshop for an MOT and service.

My Knights walked on turn one, and promptly got joined by the characters. We both spent that turn just manoeuvring.

Turn 2 the Savage Orcs failed a frenzy check and decided to charge a steam tank in the flank. The goblin bunker failed animosity and also tried to charge the same tank. They however failed and received a fanatic to the face for there efforts.

Whats that in the bottom right?

The Savage Orcs fluffed hurting the tank and in my turn recieved a flank charge from the Demigryphs. Same turn my Knight bus charged his bunker, which fled, then the big Spider and the remaining tank charged a chariot. End of the combat phase evey one of his units charged that turn where dead. He was left with the 2 goblin units and a warmachine. We called it, bottom of turn 3 and grabbed another game.

Game 2 was Blood n Glory. One of the best games Ive had in ages, Was a right laugh.

Game #2

Thats deployment, the 2 tanks cover each flank.

To be blunt, I charged turn 2. Destroyed his savage orc block. The spider died turn 3. The Goblin bus flanked my knights, but failed to hurt them much, then recived a tank to the rear.  At the bottom of 4 his characters all bailed from the bunker and we spent the last 2 turns playing ring a ring a rosie round my knight bus. I got em turn 6 though!

Another victory. Chalk 2 for the Knight bus

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