Saturday, 14 July 2012

LNO Warhammer Tourny

So today is the bi-anual Leeds Night Owls Warhammer tournament. Kindly organised by James (Xisor). A 2000 point game with no special characters. Best of 3 games, the winner becomes the club champ and tries to defend his title at the next one in 6 months.

Looks simple enough, but I've never actually won it. Although I always finish close. Last time I came 2nd because my Tomb Kings went up against the old Empire Coven of Light in a tower in the final. The one before I was 3rd even though I had won all my games. VPs did me in.

So this time, the gloves are off. Im taking my Empire knight bus, which as of yet is undefeated. I fully expect that to change today. But it will be a good test for the list. You can follow whats happening in my twitter feed to the right, and I'll try post some photos and the list I'm using later on.

Wish me luck ;)


  1. Good luck Soulshade. One day my dwarfs might be there! :P

  2. lol thanks Kuff :)

    Well I won.... I know I know.... I cant belive it myself. So much luck with it though.
    1st Game I 1 shot a keeper of secrets first turn. Ive never beatern Dan's (corai) daemons before.
    2nd I got lucky with some of the Greenskin LD checks. James (Xisor) really did snatch a loss from the jaws of victory.
    3rd Game was just dice. he had a metal wizard and 1 shot my STank. The other somehow managed a first turn 18 inch charge on his cannon though. I was only lining up to shoot it.....

    All great games. Heres the results

    1st Daryl Jones (Empire) 9pts (5430 Vps)
    2nd James Clark (O&G) 6 pts (1025 Vps)
    3rd Dan Quirk (Daemons) 6 pts (906Vps)
    4th Rob Strachan (Empire) 6 pts (-1501 Vps)
    5th Darren Marsden (Skaven) 3 pts (1161 Vps)
    6th Dean (Goblins) 3pts (882 Vps)
    7th Neil Pritchard (WOC) 3pts (-3314 Vps)
    8th Jason (Vampires) 0pts (-4589 Vps)